Transferring Credits to IUPUI

Transferable credit from Ivy Tech to IUPUI

If you have taken courses at Ivy Tech, we try to make it easy for you to get an idea of how your credits transfer to IUPUI. Please keep in mind that awarding transfer credit is the final step in the admissions process, and this tool does not guarantee which credits will transfer to IUPUI.

Using this transfer credit lookup

When researching how your Ivy Tech credits may transfer to IUPUI, you can search them by the Ivy Tech course (which designates the number), or the Ivy Tech course title (which designates the name).

For example, if you are looking to see how your sociology course will transfer, you can search "SOCI 111" under Ivy Tech course, or "SOCIOLOGY" under Ivy Tech course title.

Ivy Tech CourseIvy Tech Course TitleHoursEffective DateIUPUI Course
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