Pre-Engineering | Fall 2014

Your first two years at Ivy Tech

Course number Course name Credit hours
ENGL 111English Composition3
IVYT XXStudent Success Elective1-3
MATH 211Calculus I4
MATH 213Multidimensional Mathematics3
ENGR 195Introduction to the Engineering Profession1
ENGR 196Introduction to Engineering3
Semester total: 15-17

Course number Course name Credit hours
COMM 101Fundamentals of Public Speaking3
MATH 212Calculus II4
PHYS 220Mechanics5
ENGR 263Introduction to Computing in EE4
Semester total: 16

Course number Course name Credit hours
MATH 261Multivariate Calculus4
PHYS 221Heat, Electricity, and Optics5
ENGR 251Electrical Circuits I4
CHEM 105Principles of Chemistry I5
Semester total: 18

Course number Course name Credit hours
xxxx xxxSocial and Behavioral ways of knowing elective3
xxxx xxxHumanistic and Artistic ways of knowing elective3
ENGR 279Capstone Course1
MATH 264Differential Equations3
ENGR 272DigitalSystems Design4
ENGR 297Computer Tools for Engineering (MATLAB)1
Semester total: 15
Total hours: 64-66

IUPUI curriculum details

  • Maximum of 64 Community College credits may be applied toward the IUPUI degree.