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Your connection to IUPUI and Ivy Tech

Office of Coordinated Programs (also known as the Passport Office) was formed to increase access to students at Ivy Tech Community College with a full range of post-secondary degree options.

We're here for your success. The Passport Office works with students wishing to transfer to IUPUI from Ivy Tech, as well as current IUPUI students who want to take a class at Ivy Tech to transfer towards their IUPUI degree progress.

Achieve your success

Regardless of whether you are planning to complete your associate degree at Ivy Tech or transferring after a few semesters, there are things you can do to prepare for a successful transfer to IUPUI.

Learn about steps you can take for a successful transfer

Students who were not admissible as a high school senior

There’s almost always a path to IUPUI for students who were not offered admission when they applied during their senior year in high school. Learn about steps you can take by working with our office