Committed to rewarding student success

IUPUI is committed to rewarding student success through a variety of scholarship options. When researching scholarships, it's important that you not limit your search to just what's offered at IUPUI. Community organizations, employers, and countless others often offer scholarships to students from all walks of life.

As a student transferring from Ivy Tech, you have many exciting scholarship opportunities. Award amounts vary from $1,500 to $4,000 per semester (up to $8,000 award).

Scholarships for Ivy Tech transfers

Ivy Tech transfer students seeking their first baccalaureate degree, who apply to transfer to IUPUI with an associate degree from Ivy Tech are encouraged to apply if: 

  1. At the time of completing this application you have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA;
  2. You have completed 45 transferable credit hours upon admission to IUPUI;
  3. You will graduate in December or May with an Associate Degree;
  4. Meet regular admission requirements to be degree seeking through an IUPUI undergraduate campus-base program;
  5. Plan to be enrolled full time (12 or more credit hours each semester);
  6. Are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident of Indiana
  7. Are an admitted IUPUI student

 To get started, search "Scholarships" on One.IU.

Transfer Scholarships are renewable if the student maintains a minimum IU cumulative GPA of 3.0 and continuous full-time enrollment in an IUPUI campus-based program.

By completing this application, you will be considered for one of the five available transfer scholarships listed below. You may only receive one of these scholarships. 

  • Passport to IUPUI
  • Ivy Honors College to IUPUI
  • TSAP (Transfer As A Junior) to IUPUI
  • Diversity Transfer to IUPUI

Application dates:

  • Spring transfer:  September 1st – November 15th
  • Fall transfer :     January 1st – June 1st

Two Oaks Scholarship

This scholarship supports Ivy Tech Community Indianapolis service area graduates who have been admitted to IUPUI and plan to pursue a bachelor’s degree dedicated to helping or serving others. Student must be graduating with an Associate’s degree from an Ivy Tech Indianapolis service area location during the 2018-2019 academic year, plan to attend IUPUI in the 2018-2019 academic year pursuing a degree in or related to nursing, medicine, teaching, social work, counseling, or a similar profession, demonstrate financial need, and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Two references, an essay, a copy of your college transcripts, SAT and/or ACT scores, and financial information are needed to complete the application. For students who have not taken the SAT or ACT, or have not taken the tests in a while, simply put 1 in the test score blank.

Amount: Awards are given through the Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF) and can range up to $10,000.

Deadline: February 5 for fall admission

Apply: Go to For more information, contact or call 317-634-2423.

Scholarship application tips

  • Once admitted to IUPUI, find scholarships at, as well as by searching the keyword “Scholarships.”
  • To find more scholarships, view the websites for your IUPUI academic unit/department/major.
  • For recommendations and references, be sure to ask early and give an adequate amount of time for the recommendation to be submitted. It is usually preferred that your recommendations come from an instructor and/or an employer that knows your work ethic and abilities to be a successful college student. All deadlines for most applications are not flexible and will be hard deadlines.
  • Be sure to answer all essay questions completely during the essay portion of the scholarship applications. It may be helpful to have someone look over your spelling and grammar before submitting it.
  • Calculate your estimated cost of attendance here: student central website.
  • Research transfer scholarships EARLY for important application information and deadlines. For instructions regarding how to apply for scholarships, visit:
  • The IU Scholarship system will email you recommendations throughout the application season (November – May) as new opportunities become available, so check your email regularly as well as the IU Scholarship system for any updates and the status of applications already submitted.
  • Remember to continue searching for scholarships even after you are a student at IUPUI.