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Frequently Asked Questions-Partners

What is Partners?

Partners is a cooperative program between Ivy Tech Community College and IUPUI that gives students the opportunity to strengthen their academic preparation before attending IUPUI. Students in the Partners Program will have their admission to IUPUI deferred until they complete studies at Ivy Tech.

When a student applies to IUPUI, the admissions committee identifies those who have deficiencies in their previous academic work and recommends they begin coursework at Ivy Tech.

Students are deferred for

  • insufficient number of C or higher grades in college preparatory courses.
  • not completing a Core 40 curriculum.
  • low GED scores.

How does Partners work?

If you are not eligible for admission to IUPUI, you will be deferred to Ivy Tech to complete at least 26 transferable credit hours with a 2.0 GPA with a grade of “C” in each course” Visit the Ivy Tech Office of Admissions Webpage for information on how to enroll at Ivy Tech.

*Check with Passport Coordinator at Ivy Tech to identify courses that will transfer into your IUPUI program of study.

Will the Ivy Tech Classes Transfer to IUPUI?

100 and 200 level courses with a grade of a “C” or higher will transfer to IUPUI. Visit an advisor in the Ivy Tech Transfer Center to see how your courses will count towards your degree at IUPUI.

Can I transfer my financial aid to Ivy Tech?

Yes, if you qualify, you will be able to use your financial aid at Ivy Tech. Ask an Ivy Tech admissions or financial aid advisor for more information.

What if I do not complete all of the requirements of the Partners Program?

Students who have not completed the Partners requirements are referred back to Ivy Tech to complete the necessary coursework before they will be admitted to IUPUI.

How does the Partners Program benefit me?

  • Ivy Tech Community College offers the most affordable tuition in the state.
  • Students receive free tutoring in math and writing labs.
  • Small class size and teacher to student ratio.
  • Accommodations are available for students with documented disabilities.
  • Advisors are available to answer your questions about the future course selection and the transfer process.
  • Night, weekend and off-campus classes are available.
  • Advising by a Passport Transfer Academic Advisor at Ivy Tech or IUPUI to ensure the transfer of your courses and academic development.
  • Through organizations and involvement on campus, Ivy Tech offers you opportunities to be involved in campus activities.

What do students say about Partners?

“In high school, I wasn’t interested in my classes and got bad grades. Starting at Ivy Tech helped me become more focused. Ivy Tech courses challenged me to learn and helped me find my interest. Transferring my credits to IUPUI was easy. I’m doing well in the Elementary Education program at IUPUI and chose that program because I realize how important education is.”

-Ellen, Carmel H.S. graduate, Sophomore at IUPUI

“For people who aren't sure if they can make it at a university, Ivy Tech is a great place to start. It was beneficial for me, but it's all what you put into it. You have to want it. Transferring to IUPUI was easy. Because I started at Ivy Tech, I'm doing great at IUPUI.”

-Cherish, Arsenal Technical H.S. graduate, Sophomore at IUPUI

Can I receive Financial Aid at Ivy Tech as a Partners student?

Yes, if you are eligible for Financial Aid. You must submit your FAFSA to Ivy Tech using the Ivy Tech School Code (009917)